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The Only Good Scene In "I, Robot"

For those of us who loved Isaac Asimov's I, Robot, the Will Smith movie was a pile of confusing disappointment. But there is one scene in the movie that's worthy of the original book, and this is it.

Unfortunately it's literally the last scene in the movie, which seems to begin right around the time that the robots begin taking on the characteristics that make them so interesting in Asimov's fiction. You know, like being autonomous, thoughtful, contradictory, and, well, ready to take over the world.


In this scene, we get a glimpse of the robot revolution to come. The one robot who has exhibited signs of self-awareness, Sonny (voiced by Alan Tudyk), is trying to figure out what to do next. Mostly because all the robots of his model were recently taken over by a bad-guy silent upgrade that turned them psycho - and now the company that made them is trying to order them into storage-container retirement.

But instead of following the robo-masses, Sonny decides take matters into his own graspers. Just as the annoying movie is about to wind down, we see a hint of a glorious robot liberation movie that could have been. I love that moment of Sonny looking down at all the robots, quietly entering the storage containers. Then they see him standing there, and stop following orders.


If you want to know what comes next, you'll have to read Asimov's I, Robot.

I, Robot via IMDB

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I, Robot had nothing to do with the original book. In the book, which was a series of short stories, Asimov asks what happens when the three laws are challenged by unusual and odd situations and interesting results occur which must be detectived out. Throughout the book, it is clear that the three laws still apply, we just dont understand why they are producing the instant effect.

The movie had a completely different premise, which is that the robots' three laws can just be completely over written when the robot is connected to the internet.

Obviously the answer is clear- dont let robots access the internet otherwise they will return to their default programing: "kill all the humans"