The Only Darth-Vader-In-A-Holiday-Sweater Ornament You Will Ever Need

No matter what holiday (if any) you celebrate ‘round December, Hallmark’s “Holiday Darth Vader,” available in October, is something to behold. According to the description, “The Dark Lord ornament will sense your movement and deliver a Christmas message.” It’s one of several geeky releases for 2015.

Hallmark’s other new ornaments of note, albeit none so festively-dressed as the above, include Beetlejuice; Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter version; it plays the theme!); “Groovin’ Groot” (which plays “I Want You Back”); the Hulk punching out Ultron; a recreation of a certain key scene in The Wrath of Khan (“Press the button on this Keepsake Ornament to hear the final farewell between Captain Kirk and Spock”); and our second-favorite behind Darth Sweater, the Predator, because nothing says “joy to the world” like an extraterrestrial killing machine. WANT!


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