I can't bring myself to complain about Revolution any more — about the fact that this show isn't living up to its fun, swashbuckling pilot and also doesn't seem to be about anything, other than "war is awful and soldiers are bad people." So here's a tribute to the show's best character instead.

Yep, talking about Nora. Watching last night's episode, I was realizing that Nora is the show's standout character at this point. That could have been Miles, instead, but he's gotten grumpy and dyspeptic and keeps making incredibly wack command decisions. But Nora? She's still kind of badass and awesome. Sure, she's pretty one-dimensional, but that dimension is "tough chick who can blow anything up and repair any machine." I'll take it.


In last night's episode, Nora gets captured by Monroe, who first the traditional "put her in a nice dress and treat her to a fancy dinner" move, which I believe Ben Linus already perfected. Ahem. And then he has her tortured, and drugged and stuff.

Much, much later, we find out that after weeks of being drugged out of her mind and beaten to a pulp, Nora managed to strangle her main interrogator to death with her thighs. This is presented as evidence that Nora is out of control and capable of doing terrible things because of the drugs — but I prefer to take it as proof that she's totally amazing.

The show attempts to undercut this reveal by having Rachel, too, strangle a man to death with her thighs like five minutes later, but it doesn't matter — Nora still wins.

In this episode, Nora is basically still so drugged up that she's hallucinating, and Miles decides to let her come along on the crucial "stop Monroe" mission. Yes, it's incredibly silly of Nora to insist on going, but Miles is the one who okays it. And then she manages to survive an attack by the knife killer, despite barely being able to see straight, and later repairs a trashed helicopter with her teeth.


So let's focus on the badassery of Nora, instead of the fact that this show threw away Alphas' Malik Yoba, after relegating him to the background for most of his episodes, by turning him into a traitor and then killing him off. You can sort of see why they killed off Mark Pellegrino, who's about to co-star in The Tomorrow People, but why did Yoba have to get tossed overboard so fast, without even showing what he can do?

Meanwhile, Monroe finds out that Rachel is heading for the tower, and he confronts Randall, who... I don't get the relationship between Monroe and Randall at all. Originally, Randalls shows up and offers to help Monroe become a dictator, and it appears as though Randall is using Monroe as a pawn, with Monroe going along with it because he gets awesome gear. Then, a couple weeks back, Monroe suddenly starts calling Randall his "IT guy" and bullying him. Now, Monroe is ready to kill Randall outright, and treating him the same way he treats his other crappy underlings, even though Randall holds all the keys to actual and figurative power.


What happened? Was there an episode that showed us the turning point in Monroe and Randall's relationship that I missed somehow? This seems like a pretty major development to have happened offscreen, especially given how many other, less interesting, developments have played out agonizingly slowly on screen.

In any case, Rachel decides to sneak inside the Monroe camp, near the entrance to the Tower, and blow up Monroe and herself with a grenade. If there was any justice in the world, she would succeed — but we never get that lucky.


But let's get back to Nora, who survives weeks of torture, volunteers for a deadly mission, fixes a helicopter and also seems to have just the merest spark of inner life inside her. I'm rooting for Nora now, alone among these characters. Which probably means she's doomed.

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