The Onion has just released a 12-minute news broadcast from the year 2137, thanks to their wormhole-satellite technology. We've got two video clips from the newscast. Check out the weird, hilarious future world dreamed up by the Onion crew.

The full video is available at itunes , and we fully recommend downloading it. We're on our fourth time watching this short, and we're still spotting new bits. The newscast is stuffed with terrifyingly funny and yet depressingly true future news reports. Like the Burndown:

A catastrophe known as "the Burndown" has reduced the world to an anarchic hellscape — food and water are scarce, borders have been redrawn, many humans remain irradiated, and the United States is ruled by a screaming, tattooed thug. Amidst the decay, the Onion News Network remains unrivaled, disseminating 24-hour brutally graphic reports directly into the right eye of all future viewers through a technology that will be known as 'eyestreaming.'


Here's a clip from the broadcast about violence in the Gaza Strip between the one remaining Palestinian and the one remaining Israeli.

Here are two stills from the report featuring, the new wrestler-esque President of the US and a future reporter.