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As far as movie posters go, Marvel’s official one for Ragnarok is pretty damned great as is. It’s bright, it’s fun, it conveys a sense of drama and action while also showing off the ridiculously over-qualified cast that’s going to bring the film to life. Given how awesome it is, there are few things that could make it better—and all of those things are Jeff Goldblum.

In a stroke of genius, London-based actor Brian Firenzi managed to find a way to turn the already gorgeous movie poster into an absolute work of art. First, here’s the original poster, in case you hadn’t seen it:


And here is Firenzi’s even better version:

When I spoke with Firenzi about it, he said that as impressed with the Ragnarok cast as he is, there’s always, always more room for Goldblum and I’m inclined to agree with him. Jeff Goldblum as Hela, goddess of death? Hell yeah.

You can head to Firenzi’s Twitter to compliment the artist on making this masterpiece.


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