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The mutant angst-and-slugfest Wolverine has been doing reshoots up in Canada — despite all Hugh Jackman's protestations — but they may really help make it better. Because rumor has it, Deadpool's getting more screen time.


Those reshoots? Are all about Ryan Reynolds' incarnation of the wisecracking, Bea Arthur-loving merc with a mouth, according to reports at IESB. Tipsters claim Fox is filming lots of new scenes involving Deadpool, including a bunch of scenes between Deadpool and Logan himself. Somebody must have taken a look at an early cut of the film, and realized it was lacking the crucial ingredient of Wade Wilson antics. Now if only his face actually gets hideously scarred at some point during the film — which I sadly doubt — we'll be good to go. In either case, signs are looking more positive for a long-awaited Deadpool solo movie. [IESB]

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