The One Moment Where the BBC's Atlantis Won Us Over

Jason in Atlantis is not your typical mythic hero. Don't believe us? Check out the above gif, where his sword grip leaves a little bit to be desired. Poor guy.

Spoilers ahead...

So yeah, Atlantis is basically your typical mythic portal fantasy — Jason is from 21st century Earth, but when he searches for his missing father in the ocean, he stumbles on a portal which whisks him to ancient legendy Greece, where he meets Hercules and Pythagoras. And it turns out that Jason is secretly someone awesome (probably a demigod) but mustn't know the truth about himself, and he has a huge epic destiny — which starts when he slays the Minotaur, who sadly does not demand Hymetusite at any point in the proceedings.


None of this is particularly fresh or exciting — and the comparisons to the BBC's fellow legendy magic coming-of-age show Merlin are hard to ignore — but there are flashes of humor here and there, which remind you this is the work of Misfits creator Howard Overman. It's nowhere near as irreverent as Misfits, of course — but the fact that Jason doesn't just pick up a sword and automatically know how to wield it is refreshing. And so is the un-heroic, Falstaffian Hercules, and the random inclusion of Pythagoras. Whenever this show gets silly, one feels as though it's playing to its strengths, but it seems to be trying for a fairly earnest tone sprinkled with laughs.

Oh, and Alexander Siddig as King Minos = Win. So good to see Dr. Basihir again. I only hope he lasts longer than he did in Doomsday.

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