The One Amazingly Cool Part of Last Night's Terra Nova

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Honestly, "Nightfall" was probably the most boring episode of Terra Nova thus far — I don't even really have much to say about it, except that there was one amazingly cool part, that almost made the rest of it worthwhile.


Spoilers ahead...

I am referring, of course, to Mira herding a giant dinosaur to the gates of Terra Nova, so she could "ram it down Taylor's throat." The scenes of giant dinosaur herding were fairly brief, but still extremely satisfying, and there was a bit of a "Godzilla stomps Terra Nova" feel to the proceedings. Plus it was a nice, inventive use of dinosaurs instead of the same old stuff. And yay for using flaming arrows to chase it away — although that did seem a bit too easy, on the whole. And of course, the "dinosaur attack" diversion wouldn't have worked nearly as well if Taylor's people had really been posted all along the walls and had been paying attention elsewhere.


But whatever — I'm just going to focus on the positive, and say "awesome dinosaur herding attack." The rest of the episode, I pretty much forgot as soon as I was done watching it. Oh, except that we finally met Taylor's son, and he turns out to be the whole reason the Sixers are here. Mira has never been a particularly interesting villain, but now she's been demoted to Taylor's son's henchwoman. Or something. Let's hope that now that Marcellus Wallace's briefcase has been opened and there turns out to be a Kinect inside, we'll actually start seeing something of the baddies and their agenda. Fingers crossed, anyway!

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If you can herd a dinosaur, you can ride them. All I'm sayin'.