If you weren't at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, then you weren't able to test your zombie-fleeing skills in The Walking Dead Escape, an obstacle course where "survivors" try to flee from zombies But it was so popular, the event is going on a cross-country tour this summer!


After successful events in New York and Philadelphia, The Walking Dead Escape will begins its tour in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on April 24th. The 35-to-50-minute course, in which "survivors" try to avoid zombies in city, hospital and prison locations inspired by the comic and TV series, is currently scheduled for seven cities before returning to San Diego for the 2013 Comic-Con, with more to be added (you can see the list here). Players can buy tickets to be survivors, zombies, or both! (Not at the same time, obviously.)

It sounds like great practice, but as the overweight, asthmatic, nearsighted, Platonic ideal of a nerd that I am, I have long since made my peace with the fact that I will be among the very first to be devoured when the zombie apocalypse hits. You guys enjoy.


[Via EW]

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