The Official Ikea Instructions to Make Your Own Game of Thrones Cloak Are Adorable

Image: HBO
Image: HBO

Last year, it was revealed that some of Game of Thrones’ lush cloaks worn around the shoulders of Jon Snow and friends are actually cut up and re-dyed rugs from Ikea. Last week, that news made the rounds. Now, the company has responded by telling readers how to slice up one of their rugs so they can pretend to be a Stark themselves.

Although costume designer Michele Clapton revealed the tidbit in a talk last year, thanks to its re-emergence online during the ongoing airing of the new season, Ikea finally took the time to respond... or at least, Ikea Norway did. Here’s their handy guide in its trademark instruction’s style as to how to turn one of its rugs into your very own Jon Snow-style cloak:


And, well, winter is coming. If you want a bit of that Winterfell aesthetic in your Fall looks, then maybe you should head down to the nearest Ikea and pick up a rug for your wardrobe.

[Ikea Norge via Marie Claire]

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