The Official, Disney-Approved, Frozen Wedding Dress Is Finally Here

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You can never accuse the Disney corporation of missing a merchandising opportunity. Crashing the money trains of both Frozen and the wedding industry, tonight Disney and designer Alfred Angelo unveiled the latest line of princess-inspired wedding dresses.

This is just the latest entry in the Disney/Angelo Fairy Tale Weddings Collection. You can see the other (and now so out-of-date) dresses here. The new eight gowns are far more colorful than their predecessors. On the left is a red Snow White gown, which is bullshit, since Snow White's dress is far more blue and yellow than it is red. And the purple gown on the right is apparently Jasmine. Because, fuck turquoise, I guess.

The centerpiece is clearly the Elsa-inspired gown. Which is awesome, because she's the only princess in this line-up that doesn't have a love interest as the basis of the story. They could have done a Anna dress, but she's not the one who sings "Let It Go."


I have really complicated feelings about the Disney princess wedding dresses, okay? Mostly, I hate them as the giant cash grab they are, sprinkled with a generous feeling that they're not actually gorgeous enough to justify the price. But then I feel like everyone should get to follow their bliss in a way that won't get Disney's intellectual property lawyers screaming bloody murder.

Anyway, here are the Snow White, Tiana, and Elsa dresses on Good Morning America.

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Not to be a giant animation nerd, but Jasmine's wedding dress/outfit at the end of the movie is purple. So...