Mad Men reintroduced us to the American advertising aesthetic of the 1960s, but they don't hold a candle to the visual wonder (and occasional oddity) of early Soviet and pre-Soviet print ads. Here are a few of our favorite ways advertisers peddled soap, tobacco, gunpowder, and more.

Pre-revolution tobacco and cigarette ads

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Just try to take the chocolate away from me, I'll show you!


Boots ads for Rezinotrest

Translation: Rainy rain, you cannot hurt me. I would not go out without galoshes. Because of Rezinotrest every place is dry for me. Sold everywhere. (Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1923)

Translation: Rezinotrest is your protector from rain and slush. Without galoshes, Europe is bound to sit and weep. (Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1924)

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Beer and waters, Karneev, Gorshanov & Co., around 1910

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Soap and perfumes

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Cocoa, Hot Chocolate, and Coffee

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Cognac from S.S. Tamazova Company, Kizlyar, ca. 1900

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Creepy faces on a juice and a cosmetic powder ad

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