Aerial archeologist Klaus Leidorf began taking these gorgeous, minimalist photos in 1989, while flying his own Cessna 172. He's brilliant at capturing how odd our world looks when you get a different perspective on it from the air.

You can find more than 2,400 of his high-resolution shots here, in this Flickr stream, or more than 10,000 on

Blooming Rape Field, Poing

Farm in the Rape Field, Freidling

String Of Pearls, fish ponds in Namsenbach

Quick rower on Gröbensee

A square of cows, Kleinhöhenkirchen

A golf course, Holzkirchen

A solar power plant near Hemau in the Upper Palatinate, Bavaria

Sparkling river, an aerial photo of river Wörnitz, a left tributary of the Danube

Freshly harrowed field, Münster

A pine alley in Tuscany, Italy

Red tractor with a hay conditioner

Farmers Painting 24

What shall we do with a drunken farmer…?, Hörmannsdorf

Pattern, near Anzberg

Abstract vegetation, Munningen

Cherry trees in autumn colors, Westendorf


Round fields, Limpopo, South Africa

Patchwork, vineyards in autumn, Seinsheim

Boomerang, a green island in the middle of some ploughland, Gotha

Trees in Autumn Dresses, Aindling

Haymaking, Poing

Ploughing contest, Greilsberg

Clones, a forest in Neuen Südfriedhof, Munich

Ripped Agrofoil, Ismaning

Irrigation sprinklers, near Bergtheim

Red Car 38

Farmers Painting 02, Gaimersheim

Sailing hay bales, Parsdorf

Ripped, greenhouses in Calvenzano, Italy

Timber yard, Schwindegg

Traces of cultivation under a thin layer of snow

Wave pattern on Chiemsee

Fish ponds on Speichersee

The frozen surface of Gretlmühle

One is missing, winter in Au, Bavaria

Cold solar power, near Untergriesbach-Ornatsöd

A chicken farm from above

Train meeting in Berg am Laim, Munich

Houses in Landshut