The Nun's First Disturbing Trailer Will Restore Your Faith in Evil

An illustration of the titular nun. Note her smoky eyeshadow.
Image: Warner Bros.
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From the moment the horrifying, demonic nun from hell made her first appearance in The Conjuring 2, it was obvious that she’d eventually make her triumphant return to the screen to scare the shit out of everything. Folks, the time has come—check out the first trailer for The Nun.

Though Warner Bros.’ The Conjuring began as single enough horror movie about a pair of demonologists saving a family from malevolent spirits, it’s gone on to generate enough spin-offs to create its own shared, cinematic universe of otherworldly evils. The latest film, The Nun, serves as a prequel to The Conjuring 2 and tells the story of how a nun, a priest, and a young trainee are sent to Romania by the Vatican in order to investigate the recent suicide of another nun living in a convent.

Of course, what the trio finds is something that none of their training could ever have prepared them for—that goddamned nun.

Even if nuns don’t really scare you like that, you’ve got to hand it to Warner Bros. for doing what Universal seemingly couldn’t—building out a world inhabited by a variety of ghouls that honestly seem like they’re on the verge of engulfing the world in darkness.


Sure, nuns aren’t exactly as scary as mummies. But really, that’s a matter of perception—a perception that The Nun will do its damndest to change when the movie hits theaters September 7.

io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.

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Mummy question here. What do mummies do to the people they chase when they finally catch them? Do they eat em or something>?