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We’ve been excited about the short film version of Daniel H. Wilson’s “The Nostalgist” for a year and a half. And now it’s finally available free and online, and you should watch it immediately. (Well, after you grab a box of Kleenex.)


Giacomo Cimini turned the short story into a beautiful short film, which seamlessly blends a fantasy utopia set in an idealized past with a dystopic future. And as technically great as it is, there’s a lot of heart captured in 15 minutes.

Here’s the synopsis from the video:

In the futuristic city of Vanille, with properly tuned ImmerSyst Eyes & Ears the world can look and sound like a paradise. But the life of a father and his young son threatens to disintegrate when the father’s device begins to fail. Desperate to avoid facing his traumatic reality, the man must venture outside to find a replacement, into a city where violence and danger lurk beneath a beautiful but fragile veneer…

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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