Behold, The Icy Rivers Of Northern Canada

The gorgeous patterns you see here come courtesy of an astronaut-shot photo showing the Mattagami (top right) and Missinaibi Rivers (bottom right), flowing into the Moose River (left) in northern Ontario. Keep scrolling for more details from Mika McKinnon.


This Is The Icy Beauty Of Northern Canada

The northern reaches of Ontario are home to stark, beautiful landscapes. Snow, ice, water, and rock create a dynamic and mesmerizing texture.

The confluence of the Mattagami River (top right) and Missinaibi River (bottom right) flow into the Moose River (left) in northern Ontario, captured by European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespol on January 11, 2011.


Top image: The Mattagami, Missinaibi, and Moose rivers in northern Ontario. Credit: NASA/ESA/Paolo Nespoli. Thank you to Maija for the location identification!