The Nightmare Before Christmas Gets a Festively Creepy Live Show for Its 25th Anniversary

You won’t see snow in LA, but you will see this guy.
You won’t see snow in LA, but you will see this guy.
Image: Disney

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, also known as that movie you’re not sure whether to watch for Halloween or Christmas so you just watch it for both, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. And lucky for Jack Skellington fans, composer and star Danny Elfman is returning to the stage for a special two-night tribute concert.

In a press release, it was revealed that the Hollywood Bowl would be hosting another live-to-film screening for The Nightmare Before Christmas, with Elfman performing his role of Jack Skellington, Catherine O’Hara as Sally, and Ken Page as the voice of Oogie Boogie. The event, which features live scenery projections and a live orchestra, debuted in 2015 and has been a big hit with fans of the original film. It returned to the Hollywood Bowl in 2016 to a sold-out crowd, and was also performed at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last year.

Even if it’s not Elfman’s first rodeo as the Pumpkin King, this year feels a bit extra special, given how it’s the movie’s anniversary. The concert will debut, appropriately, on October 26 and 27, the weekend before Halloween. But if you can’t make it out to Los Angeles, the film’s Blu-ray 25th anniversary edition comes with a Sing-Along Mode. You may not get to see Elfman as Jack Skellington, but you can still jam along with him.


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Mr. Wilson, Reluctant Pumpkin King Incarnate

I wonder how all the crowds that remember Danny saying how the last time he did this was the absolute last are feeling about it...
I remember KROQ in LA had him around for an interview, and while his youthful insistence for everyone coming to bust out the costumes and such was endearing, I couldn’t help but expect all the claims that this was really his last time would just mean that many more words to eat.

With how uncomfortably much I have in common with Jack to the point it’s easier to point out my ideal pinstripe suit pattern is an non-exaggerated version of his, it’s feeling weird to be annoyed that the movie I’d be awkward watching isn’t getting much for it’s 25th annie.
Cuss, I’m in quasi-denial that I’m trying to pay a visit to San Francisco in October to go find the studio they filmed it in.