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The next X-Men Movie will be set in the 80s -- think of the outfits!

Illustration for article titled The next X-Men Movie will be set in the 80s -- think of the outfits!

The next X-Men movie, X-Men Apocalypse, will be an 80s period-piece movie. And you thought the 70s superheroes looked insane. But wait, there's more.


X-Men director Bryan Singer spoke to Total Film and in this interview he revealed his plans for the X-Men's dark future, promising lots and lots of death.


First up when will it be set and who will it star, turns out Singer wants to bring out the "ancient mutants."

We're going to deal the the notion of ancient mutants – the fact they were born and existed thousands of years ago. But it'll be a contemporary movie – well, it'll take place in the '80s… Apocalypse will have more of the mass destruction that X-Men films, to date, have not relied upon. There's definitely now a character and a story that allow room for that kind of spectacle.

But WHO specifically, Singer (Apocalypse)? What ancient mutant (Apocalypse) are we unearthing in the next X-Men movie who will bring about such destruction (Apocalypse)? Naturally, the director was cagey, saying he doesn't want to get too specific (It's Apocalypse).

But in any case, we're going to see a lot of the younger mutants in their earlier years. Honestly we have no idea who is left that could get more backstory filled in, but we can only assume that they will probably pop up in the latest film? Are we going for some deep-cut mutants? Were already including Bishop and friends in this new movie, maybe we'll spend more time with them? It would be nice to see these characters get fleshed out a lot more.


Images from "The Dark Before Dawn."

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The next X-Men Movie will be set in the 80s — think of the outfits!

Like when Batman, Mystique, Hawkeye, Lois Lane, and Rocket Raccoon tried to con people?