The next Transformers cartoon is basically the worst Gundam ever

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Transformers Prime is set to end after its 13-episode Beast Hunters season, so obviously a new Transformers cartoon will take its place. Turns out that cartoon will be Transformers Go!, and it will look so much like a shitty Gundam bootleg that my teeth ache.


Seriously, if this is Optimius Prime and Megatron — and I'm 99% sure it is — then someone at Hasbro/Takara specifically asked someone to design the next generation of Transformers as the most generic Gundams knock-offs ever. And that's hardly the only problem: Why do the kids that Optimus hangs out with keep getting younger? It's getting creepy. And does Megatron have a kid to pal around with now? Was it absolutely necessary to give him a fake Naruto headband to wear? And is that a lion face on Megatron's chest? Is Megatron's transformation mode going to be a giant purple robot lion with spikes shooting out everywhere? Have we finally reached the point where the Transformers are "Robots in no disguise whatsoever"?

It's like Hasbro made this children's cartoon without even thinking of the few adult fans of the franchise and toys. So I hope they'll be content with the zillions of dollars they make from the young kids who will probably eat this shit up. Good day. I SAID GOOD DAY.

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Captain Max and JINX

Two things: First, worst Gundam ever? Worse than G Gundam? Because that was pretty bad. Second, if that is Optimus Prime, why is there an airplane cockpit on his chest? Is he a semi-truck hauling an airplane?