The Next Star Wars Miniatures Game Is All About Boots on the Ground Action

Image: Fantasy Flight Games
Image: Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games’ line of excellent Star Wars tabletop games have covered conflicts on a galactic scale at the dizzying speeds of starfighter combat—but their next game isn’t going to be played out among the stars. It’s all about the troopers on the ground fighting the Galactic Civil War.


Unlike Fantasy Flight’s previous ground-based Star Wars game, the strategic combat game Imperial Assault, Star Wars: Legion is a skirmish-based tabletop game that follows in the style of the company’s excellent space combat games X-Wing and Armada. It translates the moment to moment movement and flurry of motion in laser-gun fire fights in a similar manner to how those games depict starship dogfighting, using a mix of special movement tools and card-based “commands” each player can give during their turn.


Like those two games, the Rebel and Imperial forces—including common soldiers, to legendary heroes like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, to small-scale vehicles like Speeder Bikes and walkers—that you command can be expanded with a full line of accompanying unpainted miniatures and extra command cards. But the core set of the game includes the rules, movement tools, command cards, and 33 unpainted miniatures split between the Empire and Rebel Alliance.

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Considering how great Fantasy Flight’s space combat games in the Star Wars galaxy are, it’s going to be interesting to see how the company translates that style of tabletop gaming to the footsoldiers of the galaxy far, far away... and potentially rather perilous to our wallets. The core set for Star Wars: Legion is due for release in early 2018.

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I’ve always been curious why tabletop gaming isn’t covered more in depth on this site. Judging by the various responses over the years I’ve seen, there are a lot of us...maybe not worthy of it’s own blog but maybe something more significant?

BTW...where was this game years ago? The pre-painted stuff was good but never quite scratched that itch.