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We're getting very excited about Eron Sheean's unnerving science Errors of the Human Body.

First the trailer is beautiful, tinged by the cold steel of late night laboratory work and the flicker of fluorescent lights. We're getting an eerie vibe from this short clip.


Second, the writer (and director) drew inspiration from his long stay at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany, as an artist in residence. That massive genetics research facility is also where he eventually filmed this movie.

And finally it stars Michael Eklund, the criminally underused actor from The Divide. Check out the trailer below!

Thanks to Twitch Film, who also coined the lovely term "genetics thriller," we've got the brand new trailer to this fascinating flick.


Here's the official summary, for more information check out the official website. No release date set yet, but we'll keep watch for any festival screenings.

Dr Geoff Burton takes up a position at a new institute in wintry Dresden, Germany. His contribution to a former colleagues important project, a human regeneration gene, has the potential to make something miraculous out of a personal tragedy that has haunted him for years. Errors of the Human Body is a psychological thriller about one mans quest for redemption from his own disturbing past, set within the mysterious world of genetic engineering.