The Next Season of DuckTales Will Feature an Hour-Long Darkwing Duck Special, Because I Deserve Something This Year

Darkwing Duck on DuckTales.
Darkwing Duck on DuckTales.
Image: Disney

Look, it’s been a rough year for all of us. In times like these, we need heroes. Heroes like Darkwing Duck.

As reported by Nerdist and revealed by executive producer, writer, and story editor Frank Angones, Darkwing Duck fans will be getting a treat in the next season of DuckTales. Among the list of episodes for the new season, one of them, airing October 19th, is entitled “Let’s Get Dangerous.” And it’s an hour-long special.


Angones went on in his Tweets to confirm that, yes, this is an “hour-long special Darkwing Duck event”, as he called it. Like a lot of kids who grew up in the ‘90s, Darkwing Duck was personally very important to me; I loved the character before I was old enough to realize that he was incompetent and that his incompetence was, in fact, part of the joke. His general absence from the modern, rebooted Disney slate has made me incredibly sad—his cameo appearances in this new DuckTales universe, while delightful, have not yet slated my thirst. An hour of the bumbling, purple-clad avenger? That is something that criminals should fear, and that I should be excited about.

Let’s get dangerous indeed. 

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We have really, really enjoyed this show. Mrs. Hammer and I were in the sweet spot, if not a little young, for the original run (I was 3 when it started), and gave this a try a few months ago when our boys (5 & 3) finished their run through Superhero Squad.

The writing is sharp, the serial nature is well done, and the voice acting is strong. I agree with what another commenter said: S3 can’t come to D+ soon enough. I’m not stepping up our Comcast package just to get another Disney channel.

But TL;DR: If you’re looking for a kids show that will keep you, the dutiful adult, entertained as well, this is a really good option.