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At the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Steven Moffat revealed that the upcoming 13-episode season of Doctor Who would be split down the middle into 7-episode spring arc and a 6-episode autumn storyline.


Moffat divulged that the break next season wouldn't be the dreaded mid-season hiatus, but rather a split between two distinct stories:

Looking at the next series I thought what this show needs is a big event in the middle [...] I kept referring to a mid-season finale. So we are going to make it two series – seven episodes at Easter building to an earth-shattering climax, a cliffhanger we could never normally do because it would be too long before it came back. An enormous game-changing cliffhanger that will change everything. The wrong expression would be to say we are splitting it in two. We are making it two separate series [...] With an Easter series, an autumn series and a Christmas special, you are never going to be more than few months from the new series of Doctor Who [...] Tart that I am, we will now have two first nights and two finales, twice as many event episodes as we had before.


Moffat also discussed the show's budget ("I don't understand numbers. It's a decent budget. I beg for money and more rubber green people and eventually they say OK, you can have a third rubber green person.") and the prospects of seeing a Doctress:

I think about it sometimes and maybe it will happen someday. It wouldn't have been right this time [...] A woman can play the part. You have to remember the single most important thing about regeneration is you must convince the audience and the children that's it's not a new man, it's not a different man, it's the same one. It's a bigger ask if you turn him into a woman.

Finally, Moffat mentioned that he would be with Who for the long haul — he won't leave the program "for a while yet."

[Via The Guardian]


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