The Next Scifi Movie From the Man Behind The One I Love Will Premiere on Netflix

Image: The One I Love, RADiUS-TWC

In an inversion of how we’re used to seeing things, a film with an amazing cast and an innovative writer-director will make its debut on Netflix ,and then make its way to theaters.

The film is called The Discovery, and it stars Robert Redford plays a man who has discovered the afterlife. Two years after his discovery, people are committing suicide in order to reset their lives. Redford’ll be joined by Jason Segel as his son and Rooney Mara as a woman with a tragic past (whom, almost needless to say, Segel’s character also falls in love with).


We’ve been fascinated by this movie since it was announced, as The Discovery is going to be directed and co-written by The One I Love’s Charlie McDowell. And now we won’t have to do the work of hunting it down or hoping its limited release gets to us since Netflix has bought the rights to the film.

It’ll be available on the streaming service next year and in some theaters after that. I can’t help but wonder if this strategy is designed to get The Discovery some award buzz—movie awards lag behind television awards in recognizing original streaming programming. Regardless, this move seems like Netflix has a lot of confidence in The Discovery, making us even more excited to see it.


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