Since Paranormal Activity did so well, Hollywood is demanding the return of the mockumentary movie, as if The Fourth Kind wasn't enough. And the details to Oren Peli's next mockumentary project Area 51 are leaking out. Check it out.


Latino Review got their hands on Area 51's secrets and provided a few details. First off, there is no script. Just as he did with Paranormal Activity, director/writer Oren Peli only created scenarios.

The story starts off with the main character/geek testing out his new camera. Sigh - haven't we seen this before? This fella is Chris and he truly believes in aliens, because of all the posters on his walls and the telescope he attached to his parent's house. But that doesn't make him a super geek - he has two jock friends and one girl pal named Natalie, who swears her dad was abducted by aliens. Which I'm sure will come back into play at sometime or another.

Chris and his pals go on a trip to Vegas, and wind up taking a tour of Area 51, which Chris arranged. He's hellbent on proving that there are aliens on this base and that there are secret government experiments going on behind closed doors. With his super secret geek knowledge Chris leads the gang through all the highly guarded doors, motion detectors, thermal imaging, ammonia detectors, and ray guns. What's that you say? Yes - motherfucking ray guns.

Not much else is revealed because the script is just an outline, but to find out more check out Latino Review's exclusive recounts of what they've read. Can Peli make aliens scary again? I certainly hope so.


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