The Next Movie Tie-In Lego Craze

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With the news that Lego are to release special sets based on the new Speed Racer movie, two thoughts enter the collective io9 head. The first, that we can't wait for said sets to be released so that we can mix and match them with our Indiana Jones and Star Wars sets for an awesome Racer X/Darth Maul/Nazis showdown, needs no explanation whatsoever. But the second is this: What's the next big Lego movie or TV tie-in? We explore three possibilities after the jump.


Lego Iron Man: No, not this one (although, really? Awesome), but where is the ideal tie-in for this summer's metal movie blockbuster? Just as Tony Stark used whatever he found around him to build his iron suit of doom and justice, so should millions of children the world around them use multi-colored bricks to become their own Armored Avengers.


Lego Battlestar Galactica: I know; isn't Battlestar Galactica a little too dark, a little old, for Lego? Perhaps - but who wouldn't want the chance to build their own replicas of the bridge (complete with little Lego Gaeta), Colonial One or Pegasus Brig? And just imagine how hot Lego Six would be in her blocky little red dress.

Lego Lost: Admittedly, once you get past the Others' houses and the Hatch, there's not going to be that many sets available for this line. Lego Sandy Beach? Lego Three Toed Statue That Gets Shown Once And Never Mentioned Again? You could try and create a Lego Flight 815 Crash Site set, of course, but anyone could make that just by emptying the box on the ground and leaving it in a big pile.

The possibilities are endless - If you're not at least considering a series based on There Will Be Blood, why, you're just leaving money on the table, Mr. Lego - but what multi-media franchises are you hoping to see immortalized in plastic brick in the near future?

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LEGO Group Secures Rights from Warner Bros. Consumer Products To Upcoming SPEED RACER Film [PR]


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Sadly there are no Nazi's in the Lego Indiana Jones, so making a "kinder, gentler" BSG would totally work. Lego is the ultimate RETCON.

My son is a Lego freak, to the point that he wants to start making custom figures, since there isn't a Halo set.

At least with the Speed Racer set he will finally start to like one of "Daddy's cartoons."