The Next James Bond Gets A Serious Scribe

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Sounds like James Bond could be getting even moodier than his last brooding outing in Solace: The latest writer on Bond 23 is known for his heavy dramatic work, but we're hoping he ushers in the return of Brioni days.


MGM has just announced that screenwriter Peter Morgan, who penned The Queen, The Last King of Scotland and Frost/Nixon, is joining up with past Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade for the 23rd film in this franchise.

Producer's Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli commented via release:

"Peter, Neal and Robert are extraordinarily talented and we're looking forward to working with the three of them."


Morgan is a great writer, and we have full confidence that he can take Bond's quips to an elegant and biting word-play high. He's also known for his serious dramas, so let's hope he can help out balancing the action with interesting character development. Also, we're hoping for a little style to be injected back into our mystery man and — fingers crossed — Morgan can elevate the dialog from the last film (He's Bond for goodness sakes! He doesn't just steer women into the bedroom with a nod like cattle). This is a good score for the movie... It all hinges on the choice of director now.

Daniel Craig is confirmed for the picture, but they have yet to set a production date.

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I think the biggest problem with Quantum of Solace was that it really entirely on the idea that we bought Bond's romance in Casino Royale, which of course was one of the weaker aspects of that film as it was awkwardly shoehorned in as a 4th act.