The Next Into the Dark Holiday Extravaganza Is a Disastrous Thanksgiving LARP

Please, do not come in.
Please, do not come in.
Image: Hulu
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Maybe just don’t dress up as a pilgrim. It’s not ever going to go well.

That’s the lesson suggested by Pilgrim, the newest entry into Hulu’s Into the Dark horror anthology, anyway. This time, the holiday series is tackling Thanksgiving, with director Marcus Dunstan (The Neighbor) telling a story about a family who invites actors dressed as the pilgrims of the first Thanksgiving to their own holiday. The actors then refuse to leave. And things get weird.

Watch the trailer above for what might be the most disastrous LARP ever. First, probably don’t pretend to be the pilgrims in the first place, they weren’t, like, all they’re cracked up to be? And anyone who refuses to break character, even after the game is over, is not someone you want to have around.


Pilgrim, even amongst the out-there entries of Into the Dark, seems pretty wacky. But it seems wacky with that gleeful slasher smirk that still makes for fun schlocky horror. It’ll be premiering on Hulu on November 1st, to start the Thanksgiving season out right. 

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Arcanum Five

This seems pretty consistent with the spirit of Thanksgiving. The holiday is all about celebrating guests who come to dinner and then refuse to leave. For added accuracy, the pilgrims should take over the house and make the family live on that crappy little patch of land out behind the garage.