After Heroes' lackluster performance against the twirling Dancing With the Stars competition this week, it's now on your shoulders if this show fails. How can you save Heroes? By choosing among the two finalists that NBC has nailed down to join the super-angsty roster.


Meet Santiago — he's a super-religious mechanic from Lima, who has the power of accelerated probability. Which means he can figure out all the answers to a scenario very quickly. Oh and he's super fast. The other hero is 18-year-old Audrey who is from Paris. Audrey is tired of her boring life going to school and running the family business until she realizes she can speed up and slow down time. Like Hiro, sort of. Click to view Over a million submissions, and this is what they came up with? I liked Postie, with his screaming powers, more. What about the ability to turn into an animal, or super stretch, or secret appendages? Now that's some crazy stuff. I still think Hiro has the best power of them all, it's a hard one to top. [NBC]