The Newest Twin Peaks Trailer Offers Tantalizing Glimpses of Faces and Places Old and New

Image: Showtime
Image: Showtime

May 21 is rapidly approaching, and while some things will certainly have changed in the spooky realm of Twin Peaks—including some new characters we’re seeing here for the first time—there are also some frozen-in-time moments, too. There’s Lucy, still holding down the desk at the sheriff’s department, and Shelley, having what looks like girls’ night at the Roadhouse. And of course... Albert!

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Angrier Geek

So no Joan Chen, Michael Ontkean or Lara Flynn Boyle? Or did their characters die? I kinda checked out after the murder of Laura’s cousin which disturbed me to the core. I came back to see the sort of finale of Leland/Bob, but no more than that.