The Newest Solo Featurette Juxtaposes the Freedom of Han With the Tyranny of the Empire

Q’ira and Han from Solo.
Q’ira and Han from Solo.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm
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Disney has released a new preview featurette for Solo, and it’s chock full of new footage, a lot of it very dark.


“The universe we see in Solo was different from anything we’ve seen in any other Star Wars film,” director Ron Howard says, as the video starts, and in the new footage shown, you can see it: images of Imperial hordes raining fire down on blasted-out worlds, combined with a bigger, nastier, glammier underworld than we’ve seen in previous movies.

Some of the footage here, shown around clips of the cast and crew chatting about Han’s evolution as a character, is really intriguing, to boot. Is that Han as an Imperial footsoldier? Is this footage from early in Han’s adulthood, or a glimpse of some classic Star Wars undercover work? How deep does his history with the Empire go? And it’s pretty much confirmed now that Han gave Chewbacca that name, yeah?

Also: how many times do you think Han is going to get handed or thrown his iconic blaster in the movie? I’m going for three.

Check out the featurette below. Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters May 25th.

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I going to go out on a limb here:

This movie looks like it might be entertaining.

Now everyone can let me know how much they hated The Last Jedi and why Ron Howard is like Hitler