The Newest Promo For Power Rangers Beast Morphers Is An Exciting Throwback

Go go new Power Rangers.
Go go new Power Rangers.
Image: Hasbro/Nickelodeon

Some things never change. While so much of the media landscape is so different than it was from when I was a kid, there’s one constant: kid’s commercials. Ads for kid’s shows play the same way now they did fifteen years ago. And, like in the case of this new promo for Power Rangers Beast Morphers, that’s absolutely delightful.


Beast Morphers seems like an exciting moment for a Power Rangers fan, as both the beginning of what fans are already calling the Hasbro Era for the series, as well as an adaptation of a well-loved sentai series (that itself plays homage to Western Power Rangers media). And this short trailer, courtesy of Nickelodeon, gives a bit more detail on what the show will look like in action when it premieres next week.

Everything looks really sharp here, by Power Rangers standards, and like any good fangirl I get extremely excited to hear anyone talk about the Morphin’ Grid. Can’t wait to see these good, innocent children fight some bad guys.


Power Rangers Beast Morphers premieres March 2nd on Nickelodeon, at the wee hour of 8am ET/PT. 

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I haven’t watched any of them since the original one back in the 90's.  Now there’s only three Rangers?