The Newest Marvel Rising Special Introduces Shuri to the Secret Warriors’ Girl Gang

Shuri and Tippy Toe. This is so wholesome.
Shuri and Tippy Toe. This is so wholesome.
Image: Disney/Marvel

Shuri, the smartest person in the world, and absolutely one of the coolest. Now’s a great time to be a Shuri fan; after Black Panther made her a household name, she’s been appearing all over the place, and it’s been fantastic.

Now, she’s joining Marvel Rising, the animated series that united Spider-Gwen, Squirrel Girl, and Miss Marvel into a young, hip version of the Secret Warriors. In a new special, the Secret Warriors will receive a new mission: to help Shuri feel like a normal teenager. Not easy when you’re, y’know, famous and a genius and Wakandan royalty.

If you’re curious about what that ends up looking like, fear not: Marvel HQ has posted the entire episode online for our viewing pleasure. Like a lot of Disney’s Marvel cartoons, it’s good fun, though perhaps not quite as high quality of an animation as one might like out of Marvel. Check it out for yourself, though. It’s a pleasantly Wakandan way to spend part of the weekend.


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