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We're reaching the point where all comics, everywhere, are getting the live-action treatment. But that's not always a bad thing! In this case it means we're getting Bloodshot, Shadowman, and Archer & Armstrong.


The deal comes as a partnership between DMG Entertainment (Iron Man 3, Looper) and Valiant Entertainment. The press release isn't exactly clear on how this universe is going to work — a build up to Unity maybe? — but it is a full universe. DMG President Wu Bing described it as "transforming the Valiant Universe into the first international comic-movie universe."

The "international" element is from the very specific goal of reaching Asia. And by "Asia" everyone really means "China" — which is very important for films these days. Films that don't do well in the U.S. can get a sequel based on their strong overseas — again, mostly in China — performance.


This partnership is already getting into high gear. Bloodshot was already announced as a Sony film. Shadowman has a script from J. Michael Straczynski. And Archer & Armstrong also already has a script, from BenDavid Grabinski. They also say there are television shows already in development.

We'll see if they can pull this off.

See the full press release at Coming Soon.

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