The Newest Injustice 2 Trailer Sets Up Something Really Bad Happening to a Major DC Superhero


Things aren’t looking so good for one member of the Justice League in this teaser for the DC Comics-based fighting game. The hero in question is someone who’s died in the comics but later came back. Really narrows it down, huh?

The latest promo clip for Injustice 2 spotlights Grodd and the team of bad guys he’s assembled to try and take over the world. It’s a re-imagining of the old-school Secret Society of Supervillains collective, with Deadshot, Captain Cold, Cheetah and a bunch of others in the mix.


Moments in the trailer tease a very painful, if not fatal, fate for the Flash. Some of his dialogue in a previous trailer also sets up the framework for a heroic sacrifice.

Of course, someone could swoop in and save the Fastest Man Alive. But this is an alternate-reality video game continuity where major personas have been killed off before so anything could happen. We’ll find out when Injustice 2 comes out next month.

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What killed da Flash?

Yeah, that’s Mr. Freeze up there and not Captain Cold. Wanna fight about it?