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The Newest Gen:Lock Teaser Offers an Early Look at the Show's Mecha Action

A very nice lookin’ giant robot.
A very nice lookin’ giant robot.
Image: Rooster Teeth Animation
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Gen:Lock, the newest series from Rooster Teeth, is a bit shrouded in mystery. We know there are giant robots and some big names, but we’ve seen scant little of the intriguing series in action. This new teaser gives us a bit more to go on.


This still isn’t quite a full introduction to the show, which, it’s worth noting, will feature writing from former io9 employee Evan Narcisse—Rooster Teeth is keeping a lot mysterious—but it’s our best look yet. Featuring the voice of David Tennant as a snarky scientist, it introduces us to some robot action and some hints at the dark premise: a losing war, experimental endoskeletons (read: mechs), and controversial choices in pilots. Also, the visuals look snazzy.

Check it out below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and Rooster Teeth.

I’m intrigued. Are you intrigued? According to the teaser, Gen:Lock is airing January 2019.

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Looks like Florida didn’t survive the future....