As a teaser for the X-Files revival, which premieres January 24, Fox has put a 21-minute featurette online called “Re-Opened” which gives a primer on the original series for new viewers and a tantalizing look at the six new episodes for the old fans.

Not everything is new. For example, we knew that the first and last episodes of the revival are mythology episodes and the middle four are standalone episodes. Although we now know that the reason both episode one and six are called “My Struggle” is because the first one is about Mulder’s struggle and the last about Scully’s. We also hear that they play with the original mythology for the show and will explain how the Cigarette Smoking Man could appear in the revival after what looked like his demise at the end of the original run.


There’s a ton of new footage in this. Four people on fire, Mulder flung down a hallway, a teary Scully promising to be by Mulder’s side, a description of a horned beast attack, a lizard creature running away from the FBI... there’s a lot here.

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