The New West Coast Avengers Are All of Marvel's Coolest, Cancelled Heroes

This is going to be a wild ride.
Image: Stefano Caselli (Marvel)

Over the past few months, some of Marvel’s coolest, most refreshing books like Gwenpool, America, Hawkeye, and Generation X have come to their unfortunate ends. As it turns out, though, the heroes of those series are moving on to something bigger: a new ongoing series.

Clint Barton’s getting the gang back together in West Coast Avengers, a new comic series written by Kelly Thompson with art from Stefano Caselli. This time around, he’s recruiting some of Marvel’s best and brightest heroes... whose books all recently ended. America Chavez, Kate Bishop, Kate’s boyfriend Johnny, Quentin Quire, and Gwen Poole are all moving in together in Los Angeles to address the West Coast’s general lack of superheroes.


In an official announcement from Marvel, Thompson explained that in addition to handling the Best Coast’s villain problems, the new West Coast Avengers will all come together, in part, because they’re looking for something more:

“They all need and want something from being on that team together. Kate needs to help save LA, and she needs help to do that because villains have taken notice that there are no Super Heroes out there.

I think there’s part of her that misses [being on a team] too. She’s been doing her own thing, on her own, and that’s cool. But she was the one, who, with no powers, was like ‘I’m leading the Young Avengers, I’m the boss.’”

Fittingly, Clint, who founded the West Coast Avengers, is stepping into more of a mentorship role and guiding the new generation of sun-drenched heroes from afar, but the circumstances of their adventures will be decidedly different. Rather than living in a swanky headquarters on Tony Stark’s dime, the West Coasters’ funding all comes from the reality TV show they’re participating in.

There’ll finally be something else to watch in Marvel’s comic books besides whatever nonsense Mojo’s got going on when West Coast Avengers drops on August 22.

The full cover for issue #1.
Image: Stefano Caselli (Marvel)

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