The New TV Spot for Disney's Mulan Is Mostly Her and Donnie Yen Kicking Ass

Mulan, doing her thing.
Mulan, doing her thing.
Image: Disney
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Not that anyone’s complaining.

Disney’s Mulan remake is finally upon us, and we’re currently enjoying the chance to get a fair amount of new footage of the film to tide us over as we wait. This weekend, Disney released the “Commander” TV spot, which features Liu Yifei’s Mulan and Donnie Yen’s Shang strutting their stuff. Beneath tense voiceover and stark foreshadowing, this short spot regularly and repeatedly cuts to the two of them going through elaborate sword drills, posing like action heroes, and wrecking shop against the Hun armies.

The war sequences in this film look absolutely epic in scope, and the choreography is gorgeous. Compared to the original, this looks bound to be a darker, more action-packed take. And, honestly, I’m entirely here for that. Let Mulan break everything.

Mulan hits theaters March 27th.

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With an overall lack of interest and the Corona virus shutting down Chinese theaters I have a feeling this is going to be the first big remake flop. I’m surprised they didn’t plop it on Disney Plus to save face