The New Traveler's Guide to Batuu Is the Next Best Thing to Being at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge [Updated]

Concept art of Mubo’s Droid Depot.
Concept art of Mubo’s Droid Depot.
Image: Disney

Though Disney’s decision to close its theme parks and resorts amid the covid-19 pandemic was the right call, there are sure to be more than a few fans who had their hearts set on visiting one of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge locations at some point this year. There’s no telling if and when people might be able to journey to Galaxy’s Edge in the near future, but a new guidebook might be just the thing to make you feel as if you’re right there, scarfing down overpriced Ronto wraps and convincing yourself that you need to buy a lightsaber.


Today, Disney and Becker & Mayer announced Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: Traveler’s Guide to Batuu from writer and historian Cole Horton, a massive guide packed with all sorts of maps and illustrations of the park itself as well as in-depth backstories to the many characters one might encounter while wandering around the place. Though the guide works as a glimpse into the literal park itself, it also serves as a canonical, in-universe text that presumes you’re someone reading it with the intention of exploring the whole of Batuu as a planet.

Additionally, Disney’s also getting into the list business with Star Wars: The Book of Lists, a compendium of Star Wars facts, trivia, and random bits of lore pulled together into 100 lists. Each list mixes information that’s well-known along with the more obscure, as they’re meant to appeal to both general and hardcore fans.

Both Star Wars: The Book of Lists and Traveler’s Guide to Batuu are scheduled to publish on June 23.

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