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Before Flynn's son snuck onto the grid to rescue his electric guru father, there was a DayGlo uprising. Disney's latest Tron animated series โ€” which features the voice talents of Elijah Wood, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Mandy Moore, Lance Henriksen, and Paul Reubens โ€” shows what happened leading up to the reign of Clu (a.k.a. Flynn's program incarnation). This brand new trailer gives us a first look at the many programs on the Grid.

Here's the rundown from USA Today:

The new series stars Beck (Wood), a young program who leads his family and world in revolution against the tyrannical Clu and his No. 2, General Tesler (Henriksen). Fortunately, Beck has been trained to fight by the top warrior in all of this digitized world, Tron (Boxleitner).


Honestly, TRON: Uprising already appears to be infinitely more interesting than Tron: Legacy. Color us interested.