The New Trailer for The Hunt Is Gory, Scary, and a Little Too Real

Betty Gilpin stars in new Blumhouse film The Hunt.
Betty Gilpin stars in new Blumhouse film The Hunt.
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The cryptic first teaser for Craig Zobel’s The Hunt set the stage for something terrifying: a world where humans hunt others for sport. It’s a preposterous premise, of course—and it’s one that’s done before. In this trailer, though, we truly see a world divided and that makes the gore and scares even worse. It feels like something that could really happen.


Directed by Zobel and co-written by Damon Lindelof, The Hunt stars Glow’s Betty Gilpin as one of a group of strangers mysteriously kidnapped only to realize they’re being hunted for sport. Check out the very revealing trailer.

One thing that’s not made apparent in the trailer is what connects each group of people. What do the people hunting and people being hunted have in common? Is it just money?

Not from what we’ve heard—which is that there’s also a political affiliation, giving the film’s basic “us vs. them” mentality, as seen in the trailer, an even deeper sort of horror.

The Hunt, which co-stars Hilary Swank, Ike Barinholtz, and Emma Roberts, opens September 27.

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Alex Cranz

Everyone in slack: eh.

Everyone on kinja: eh.

Me: Betty Gilpin starring in an action thriller! Actioning! She gonna fight Hilary Swank! In a kitchen! Apparently! The OG Arrow gonna get exploded! Emma Roberts gonna...probably die? This looks like the exact kind of movie I need in September.