The New Trailer for Missing Link Promises a Goofy, Cute Road Trip for Humanity's Evolutionary Link

Susan experiences the marvel of boring train rides.
Susan experiences the marvel of boring train rides.
Image: Annapurna Pictures
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You’ve heard of Big Foots, Yetis, and Sasquatches. Susan.

The latest trailer for Laika’s follow up to Kubo and the Two Strings gives us a little more time with Zach Galifianakis’ mysterious creature, discovered by a daring adventurer Sir Lionel Frost (played by Hugh Jackman) as a potential step on the evolutionary chain between man and ape. Turns out that the being—who goes by Susan—is really just lonely, and looking for someone who can help get them to the equally mysterious home of the Yeti, Shangri-La, in an attempt to unite with some evolutionary cousins.

It’s all set up for what’s looking like a very fun globetrotting adventure for Frost and Susan, which we also get to see a bunch of here, as the duo (joined by Zoe Saldana’s fellow adventurer, Adelina Fortnight) bond over... well, mainly a shared penchant for getting into slapstick physical comedy scenarios, of course. It all looks very cute, and sweet, but above all as a Laika movie it mainly just looks dang gorgeous.


We’ll see much more of those lush visuals when Missing Link hits theaters April 12.

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What? No replies yet? Kubo and the Two Strings was a masterpiece. There, I said it.