The New Trailer for American Gods' Second Season Is Ramping Up for a Divine Confrontation

Shadow looking menacing as heck.
Shadow looking menacing as heck.
Image: Starz

Old vs. new. Gods and men and myth, clashing on the battleground of mortal, modern America. Are you ready? Mr. Wednesday sure is.

Following up on a hit first season and a… troubled production cycle, the second season of American Gods seeks to pick up where the Neil Gaiman adaptation’s first left off, following Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) and Shadow (Ricky Whittle) as they continue in their quest to gather allies for the coming clash, with Mr. Wednesday’s cabal of old gods facing off against the new.

The trailer amps up the psychedelia and the tension, as Shadow wonders, “Did that really happen?” With gods around, you can never be sure.


The second season of American Gods premieres Sunday, March 10th, on STARZ.

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To me that show was/is one of the biggest missed opportunities of the last few years. It’s not just that they screwed up the characterisation of multiple characters - Easter, Laura and ESPECIALLY Mr Nancy who they completely fucked up - the brilliant tone of Gaiman’s book was completely absent. It’s American Gods for people who either didn’t read or didn’t like the book. And why is THAT the audience you’re going for?

And that amidst all the poor pacing of the rest of the show they squandered two episodes - a quarter of the season - THIS early on their dreadful version of Laura,  delaying the House On The Rock and what follows being the natural season ending is just baffling.

It could have and should have been better.