The new This Is the End redband trailer contains Michael Cera's graphic death. That is all.

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I actually like Michael Cera, but I am aware that many folks do not, and for those people, I am happy to present the new NSFW trailer (language-wise) for Seth Rogen's upcoming apocalypse comedy This Is the End. It features 1) Michael Cera spitting cocaine into Christopher Mintz-Plasse's face, 2) Emma Watson threatening several grown men with an axe, 3) and the graphic, brutal death of Michael Cera. You're welcome.


The choice to play themselves is both incredibly indulgent and incredibly inspired, because this movie looks entertaining as hell. The only way this movie could be any better is if it featured Clark Duke getting eaten by a velociraptor.

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I don't dislike the man (anyone who was in Arrested development has pretty much infinite reserves of goodwill from me), I just wish he was capable of playing more than one character in... anything.