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The New Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Trailer Takes Aim at the DC Cinematic Universe (And Deathstroke)

The Titans find Deathstroke a bit more than they can handle.
The Titans find Deathstroke a bit more than they can handle.
Image: Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (Warner Bros.)
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The Titans are facing their deadliest threat yet: being left out of a superhero box office boom. Good job they’ve got a certain mercenary they can be arch nemeses with to join in on the fun!


Aside from a plethora of in-jokes about Warner Bros.’ attempts to create a whole universe of DC Comics movies (mostly Batman characters, though), this latest look at the Teen Titans Go! film also gives us a bit more of a plot for the film beyond the team just wanting in on their own movie franchise.

To get that franchise, they set their eyes on a longtime rivalry of their own, with... Deadpool? No wait, sorry, Deathstroke. Or as Teen Titans animation is fond of referring to him as, Slade.

Honestly, I am down for this whole thing just being an extended rip on the success and failures of DC’s long history at the box office. The Titans/Deathstroke conflict is just a fun bonus!


Teen Titans Go! To the Movies hits theaters July 27.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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