The New Tarzan Trailer Is Very Terrifying

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It doesn’t have Oscar Isaac cosplaying at Ivan Ooze, but The Legend of Tarzan also had a new trailer drop today. It’s definitely worth watching—if only because the movie looks like an uncanny horror movie where pretty much everyone is scary as hell.

Seriously! The trailer begins with apes murdering a guy and stealing his baby. Then there’s a bunch of British soldiers, who are clearly going to bring some unwelcome imperialism to Tarzan’s jungle. Then there’s Christoph Waltz, playing the same semi-psychotic villain he plays in seemingly every other movie. And then there’s a terrifying tribe of natives. And then Tarzan fights an ape who hits him with a clothesline so brutal it looks like it would instantly break Tarzan’s neck.

And then there’s the stampede.

The slow rumble, Waltz looking off in the distance, everyone else confused and fearful—and then A MILLION GODDAMN WILDEBEESTS run through the town, undoubtedly grinding every single person there into a fine paste. This is terrifying, if only because Tarzan is clearly willing to murder an entire town of people if someone kidnaps Jane.


The Legend of Tarzan opens July 1. I’m not sure it’ll have any more box office success than the last adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series (i.e. John Carter). But if Christoph Waltz is going to die at the hooves of a bunch of wildebeests, I’m definitely intrigued.

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I am not proud to say that I am seeing this just for gratuitous shots of Alexander Skarsgard’s abs. Christoph Waltz doing his hammy villain schtick again is good too.