The New Superman & Lois Trailer Brings the Teen Angst

“Have kids, they said, it’ll be fun they said.”
“Have kids, they said, it’ll be fun they said.”
Screenshot: The CW
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There is certainly no shortage of emotion in the Arrowverse, but the new trailer for Superman & Lois seems equal parts thrilling heroics and sentimental family drama. Possibly more like 60/40 in favor of the malaise. We’ve got pissed off teens, a judgmental father-in-law, and a whole lot of feelings. This Is Us but with flying, basically. (Though I haven’t watched in a few seasons—can Sterling K. Brown fly yet?)


The new spot shows Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s (Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch) sons Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (Alexander Garfin) learn the truth about Superman’s identity and, at least in the case of Jordan (who doesn’t exist in the comics, while Jon super does), feel pretty betrayed by their fairly absentee father. Work-life balance is rough, even for the Man of Steel. Superheroes: they’re just like us!

Superman & Lois will premiere with a two-hour super-episode February 23 on the CW.

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Jon Kent: Hey bro. You ever noticed, that Dad looks exactly like Superman, without glasses? Even has the same voice, height, build, eyes and 5 o’clock shadow.

Jordan (should be named Connor just sayin) Kent: Yeah bro, it’s weird. And I was reading Mom’s old stories, and she did A LOT of interviews with Superman, back in the day, like sus amount. The tabloids said they totally had a thing. There’s also a bunch of fanart and fanfic online cause he saved her life a ton of times. Chicks get hot for that sort of thing, you know.

Jon Kent: Bruh, talking about Mom, sick... But yeah, calling it, Dad is either 100% Superman, or one or both of us is Superman’s kid while Mom was cucking Dad. How stupid do they think we are anyways? By six I knew it was Dad in the Santa costume. I guess we know now how he got on the roof so fast.

Jordan Kent: Bruh...Why the fuck are we living on this broke ass farm in Luthor-Voting-Hickville Kansas? We used to live in Metropolis!!! Center of the world... Whatever... let’s just play dumb for now until we need them to buy us a car.