The New Steven Universe Trailer Is Completely Traumatizing

Good news, Steven Universe fans! In a surprise move, the show is coming back in two weeks, ahead of its previously announced June return. Slightly less good news? This fantastic new trailer has us freaking the hell out for Steven and the Crystal Gems.


Revealed late on Friday by Entertainment Weekly, the show is making a month-long return starting May 12 for a five-part event called “Steven Universe: In Too Deep.” And that is an appropriate as hell subtitle, because things are looking pretty grim for Steven and his pals in this teaser trailer.

Holy cow! The return of Malachite, the sinister fusion of Lapis and Jasper! That creepy sing-song version of the show’s extended opening! And finally, some movement on the big “cluster” arc that’s been the focus of the show’s most recent batch of episodes! For a series that takes its overarching plot in very slow, deliberate steps, this seems like a major turning point—one that does not look like it’ll be all that pleasant for poor Steven and the Gems.


“In Too Deep” begins with a two-episode special on May 12, followed by three weekly episodes throughout the month—which will in turn be followed by the “Summer of Steven” in June.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Executor Elassus

Is this show good to watch? Like, “Adventure Time” good to watch? Haven’t heard anything about it really, before this, so I’m curious.