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The New Star Trek TV Show Has a Title and a Starship: Discovery

Illustration for article titled The New iStar Trek /iTV Show Has a Title and a Starship: iDiscovery/i

Behold the U.S.S. Discovery, designation NCC-1031. What’s really cool is that it’s based on concept art the legendary Ralph McQuarrie did for the first Trek motion picture. See it in action in the show’s first teaser!

There wasn’t a lot of details to be had, but showrunner Bryan Fuller knew exactly what to say to make Trek fans excited. “What the new series has to do is continue to be progressive, [to] push boundaries and tell stories in the legacy Gene Roddenberry promised, giving us hope for the future,” said Fuller, who also confirmed that the show would be serialized, and will premiere on CBS All Access in January 2017.


Rob Bricken was the Editor of io9 from 2016-18, the creator of the poorly named but fan-favorite news site Topless Robot, and now writes nerd stuff for many places, because it's all he's good at.

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I am soooo not sure what to make of this! It’s extraordinarily puzzling to me that the new ship’s design is very clearly based on Ralph McQuarrie’s TMP Enterprise design (as this article has alluded):

It’s an odd choice, but I suspect I can live with it, given the production and writing talent behind this show. I alone in thinking that the CGI in this teaser trailer was simply not good at all? I honestly think I’ve seen better CGI in Trek fan films, especially from the likes of Tobias Richter.

Really, really, really hoping this was just a quickly thrown together rough look at the new ship, as that wasn’t the best of intros, quality-wise.